A dragon that can change temporarily into any of the four dragons: the Crystal Dragon, Volcano Dragon, Death Dragon and Electric Bahamut Dragon. As of October 10, 2012, this dragon can be obtained by completing the offer of successfully achieving level 10 in the game Dragon City.

Can be mounted by Dragon Rider III.


  • Teleport to the place you click, however, cannot teleport past a certain range.
  • Transforming into powerful dragons with unique skills each. Transformation holds for few seconds, then reverts back into Rainbow Dragon. 
  • Spawn Draggies (only as the other dragons besides Crystal Dragon) --Vulcano Draggy, Death Draggy, Electric Bahamut Draggy. There can only be three Draggies at one time, even if the draggies were from different dragons.


Using Rainbow Dragon

  • Use the teleport skill to evade from enemy attack or move faster.
  • Use it's long range benefit to penetrate strong towers

Encounter Rainbow Dragon

  • Feel free to attack with your best unit combination to kill it since it has very limited ability.
  • Use your very best long-range support units since it has Attack Range of 9 points which could be very dangerous.


  • It's counterpart is arguably the Galaxy Dragon, which requires level 10 in Social Wars to obtain. It has the ability to transfor into a Crystal Dragon, Vulcano Dragon, Death Dragon, or Electric Bahamut Dragon.
  • After teleported, it will attack the closest enemy whithin it's range instead attacking clicked enemy unit before being teleported.
  • If mounted by Dragon Rider III, attacking strong towers with "Attack Range" of 12 points couldn't attack Rainbow Dragon's position with "Attack Range" of 9 points which in real the towers should attack Rainbow Dragon,
  • As of the new update, the Galaxy Dragon and the Rainbow Dragon are no longer obtainable by leveling up to Level 10 in Dragon City or Social Wars.

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